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Key Benefits

Staff Burnout


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Minutes Saved per Virtual Admission/Discharge


Increase in Nurse Satisfaction


Saved per Prevented Nurse Turnover

A Crisis Reveals a Crisis

Staff Shortages and Burnout​

COVID exposed a daunting array of existing challenges for nursing including staffing levels, feelings of isolation, lack of support services, and more. This in turn intensified feelings of burnout and caused more to leave the frontlines. Additionally, less experienced nurses are thrust into high-pressure roles prematurely, lacking the time and mentorship needed to develop crucial skills and critical thinking capabilities.

This, combined with further constrained hospital financials has created a lasting aftershock facing hospitals and the profession.

Rise in Patient Acuity

Constrained staffing was forced to face an increase in acuity due to COVID, but the underlying macro factors of a more permanent shift remained well after.

This places additional pressure on nursing and makes it more difficult to combat medical errors, pressure injuries, falls and even mortality rates.

Transforming Care with VisionAI and Traditional Nursing Values

These compounded pressures necessitate a transformative approach to nursing – one that integrates advanced technology to support and enhance traditional nursing practices. Caring for our caregivers is essential to providing better patient care and navigating a hospital’s already strained financial position.

The Virtual Nurse Journey

Even the best nurses can only be in one place at a time. Their compassion and experience can’t apply to two places at once. Simple tele solutions and VisionAI help a Virtual Nurse help ensure that patients are supervised and cared for when their nurse is with another patient.

Virtual Nursing is a model of care that partners bedside staff with an experienced Virtual RN who works from a remote site to help guide and support care for assigned patients.

9:15 a.m.

LookDeep Inpatient Monitor shown in use as a medical professional speaks through a video call to a patient

Basic Virtual Nursing Support - Admissions & Discharge

Efficient enablement of fundamental nursing scenarios like patient admissions and discharges. This foundational level streamlines these processes, enabling bedside nurses to save 30-60 minutes per patient, thereby enhancing interaction quality and care efficiency.

11:20 a.m.

LookDeep Inpatient Monitor shown in use as a medical professional hands a patient a glass of water as he takes his medication

Mentorship / Expert Support​

The second pillar provides a virtual mentoring layer, offering support from experienced nurses for assessments, procedures, and general guidance. This level of support demands readily available video technology throughout the hospital, facilitating real-time assistance and enhancing nurse skill development.

4:50 p.m.

AI Nudge for Early Warning

The most advanced pillar integrates computer vision AI, constantly monitoring patients to identify potential concerns and prompt early attention from a virtual nurse. This integration enables virtual nurses to utilize AI prompts and electronic health records (EHR) data for informed decision-making, significantly improving patient care and reducing stress on bedside teams during critical moments.

Product Features

Two-Way Communication with Patient for Admission/Discharges

Virtual Nurses can easily initiate two-way communication with the patient in their room. Solutions can be deployed on a mobile cart, directly installed in the room and integrate with existing hardware and software for patient engagement.

On-Demand Help for Bedside Nurses

Virtual Nurses respond to questions or provide help on questions and procedures, or with a second set of eyes for key processes (e.g. medication verification). Bedside nurses can request help through voice commands, integration into current mobile messaging systems, or through existing in room equipment.

A medical professional assisting a patient resting on a hospital bed, LookDeep Health

AI Nudge for Virtual Nursing

VisionAI constantly monitors patients like an observer – watching for little movement in the middle of the day or abnormally high movement overnight. It then sorts patients and allows a virtual nurse to check in on the ones that most need their attention. For example, which patients have been in bed, not moving and not turned in the last two hours.

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