Cloud Computing Lessons For The AI Revolution

Cloud Computing Lessons For The AI Revolution

Once upon a time, even the largest healthcare organizations installed essential software one CD at a time. Then, an innovative CRM company revolutionized the landscape with a bold declaration: “no software,” embracing a unified, cloud-only solution. Initially ridiculed, this approach soon became the norm, forcing traditional vendors to adapt or be left behind.

Forbes featured a byline by LookDeep CEO Narinder Singh on the topic: Cloud Computing Lessons For The AI Revolution. 

In healthcare, the implications are profound. A laggard in cloud computing, the industry still often deploys software locally and attempts to manage it all – without the resources to do it well.  This has resulted in numerous challenges related to the rate of innovation and security.

With AI, there is the opportunity to “skip landlines and go straight to cellular.”  However, attempting to deploy AI solutions via pre-cloud architectures will result in broad failures.  Particularly in healthcare, AI will require collaboration with providers rather than being a substitute for their expertise. As a result, unleashing the power of AI will require deep integration with clinical workflows and rapid iteration as new care best practices emerge. All of this is enabled by cloud and hindered by older ‘locally-hosted’ architectures.

The synergy between AI and cloud computing is undeniable, but unlocking requires healthcare as an industry to (finally) fully adopt the principles and potential of cloud computing.

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