Be Present for Every Patient at Every Moment

Revolutionizing telemedicine by using advanced computer vision and AI technology to help hospitals continuously monitor all patients.

Virtual Sitting

Use AI to Aid e-Sitters to Better Monitor Patients

Virtual Nursing

Virtual Nurse guardian angel for bedside teams

Virtual Rounding

AI prompts for doctors and instant patient access at every moment

Early Warning

Virtual inpatient population health - AI to nudge attention toward patients most in need

eICU Light

eICU concept applied to step down units and beyond

Family Connect

Give families easy access w/o burdening nursing

Virtual Inpatient Command Center

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AI for Better Patient Care

Patient in Hospital Bed

AI + Virtual Sitting & Safety

A watched patient is a safer patient. Traditional virtual sitting models have expensive hardware that limit their usage. Yet most patients in the hospital are at risk for falling. LookDeep has zero-cost hardware endpoints that enable every room in the hospital to be set up for virtual sitting and AI that nudges attention towards the patients that need it.

AI + Virtual Nursing

Virtual nursing helps reduce load on overburdened bedside teams. Yet most solutions focus only on admissions and discharges. With zero cost hardware and AI that can observe patient actions, virtual nursing teams can help with more scenarios and be more efficient with AI that nudges them towards patients who most likely need attention.
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Employee Accessing the Virtual Platform

AI + Virtual Medicine

Virtual medicine extends the concepts of e-ICU and Early Warning to all patients in the hospital. Zero cost hardware enables broad coverage to support virtual rounding and consults to allow doctors to easily check in on patients from anywhere; AI observes patient movement and location patterns to help track changes related to rest, changes in care, and clinical condition.

Expand Patient Monitoring to Every Room
No Cost Video-AI Hardware

LookDeep provides no cost hardware for all core inpatient telemedicine scenarios – from virtual sitting, virtual nursing, virtual rounding, family connections and more from the same solution. Combining ubiquitous hardware with the LookDeep Clinical Action Platform provides hospitals the most advanced low cost AI video monitoring solution available.
Patient in Hospital Bed
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