Transform Hospital Care with VisionAI

Virtual Sitting, Nursing, and Medicine solutions to improve patient care, staff satisfaction and hospital financials.

Ever Present for Every Patient

VisionAI, LookDeep’s advanced computer vision and AI technology, transforms video from a communication tool into a valuable member of the patient care team. Combined with world-class, no-cost hardware, VisionAI enables hospital-wide initiatives to improve quality, capacity, and efficiency of clinical staff.

Reduction in
Expected Falls
Increase in
Nurse Satisfaction
Reduction Per Patient
Fall Monitoring Cost

Baptist Memorial Health Care and LookDeep Present Scottsdale Institute Webinar

Pragmatic and aspirational telemedicine that transcends urban and rural hospitals.


Improve Nursing Satisfaction

Reduce Falls


Lower Technology Costs


Improve Patient Care


Clear Financial ROI

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VisionAI - The Guardian Angel for Care Teams

LookDeep is revolutionizing inpatient telemedicine by using VisionAI to help hospitals continuously monitor patients. A zero-cost hardware model and modern, SOC2-certified software dramatically drive down the cost of inpatient video – enabling hospital-wide deployments. Virtual sitting, nursing, and medicine solutions help transform the future of patient care and your hospital’s financials.

Virtual Care for the Whole Hospital

Virtual Fall Prevention

LookDeep’s virtual sitting solution leverages computer vision and AI (VisionAI) to enable continuous observation of all hospital patients. This innovative approach enables LookDeep to ‘nudge’ the attention of staff to patients who are more at risk – enabling one staff member to monitor 2-10X more patients.

Virtual Nursing

Pairing computer vision and AI (VisionAI) with virtual nursing can reduce turnover and burnout, lessen reliance on costly travel nursing, and improve overall patient safety. Zero-cost hardware and AI monitoring of patients’ movements enables basic scenarios like Admissions and Discharges, broad nursing mentorship programs and AI that nudges virtual nursing attention towards patients at potential risk for conditions like pressure injury.

Virtual Medicine

Zero-cost hardware, integration with Active Directory and VisionAI enable LookDeep to increase the ease of tele consults, enable virtual scribes and translators to support care, and create more information on a patient’s progress for decisions related to transfers and discharges.

The Power of VisionAI

A watched patient is a safer patient. Our always-on ambient technology extracts who is in the room, where the patient is, how they are moving even when in bed, and much more. AI extracted information is grouped to help see changes in patients and patterns across them.

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