Thank you for a Wonderful AONL 2024 !

Real AI, Handbags, Monkeys and Much More – Thank You Nurses !

Three plush purple sock monkeys sitting on a couch wearing LookDeep shirts

Real AI, Handbags, Monkeys and More -Thank You Nurses !

AONL showcased our VisionAI capabilities to help reduce falls and pressure injury, track patient movement, understand changes to their recovery journey and much more. While others highlight slickly produced videos, we demonstrated real AI on site.  We also exchanged ideas and learned from nursing leaders what is needed to shape the profession and hospital care for the next decade

A Thank You for Nurses – Another Chance to Win Your Dream Handbag for Nurse Appreciation Week

We will be giving away more handbags to the wonderful folks we met at AONL for Nursing Appreciation Week – Stay Tuned for More !

LookDeep Releases First of Its Kind Survey Revealing Strong Support for AI & Video-Assisted Care

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