Michael O’Brien


I have been a business partner, colleague and close friend of Narinder for about 20 years. When I heard about his new venture starting LookDeep Inc, I was naturally intrigued. My interest went beyond the cutting edge technology and potential to change an industry, but I was also very drawn to the beneficial aspects for humanity and quality of life for hospital patients. At LookDeep, I currently support the back-office functions: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, IT and Legal. I also provide Account Management support for our hospital deployments.

I have been lucky to work with amazing people and great customers across several tech companies to include WaveFront Consulting, webMethods and Borland. Fast forward to 2006 and I helped co-found a company called Appirio – we were one of the earliest consultancies that helped usher in the cloud era while driving the implementations at Fortune 1000 companies for the leading cloud vendors – Salesforce, Workday, Google and Amazon.

I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1990, earning a BS in Computer Science and serving on three ballistic missile submarines while becoming certified as a naval nuclear engineer supervising all ship-wide and nuclear power plant operations.

Outside of LookDeep, I’m passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle – working out, eating properly, and rest for the mind and body. I also love most racket sports: tennis, ping pong, pickleball, squash — love the competition.