Michael Choma, MD/PhD

VP Clinical, Co-Founder

I’m a physician-engineer and the VP for Clinical Solutions at LookDeep Health, where my focus is on partnerships, pilots, and aligning computer vision technologies with specific clinical use-cases.

My first scientific love was physiology. That led me to study biomedical engineering and get a medical degree. My second scientific love was lasers. That led me to get a PhD focused on optical physics and laser imaging in medicine. Before joining industry, I was an associate professor at Yale Medical School, where I ran a lab that focused on using new cameras and laser sources to measure physiology in new ways, with a focus on heart and lung physiology. I also was an attending in the pediatric primary care clinic.

At Yale, where I remain as an Adjunct, I became very interested in digital health and technology translation. I was involved in a few projects, including digital heart sounds, a smartphone app for pregnancy health, and wearables to track lung health.I also had a lot of experience with academic-industrial partnerships, including two with laser companies and one with an machine learning company in the Bay Area.

I decided that I wanted to explore industry to learn how to scale ideas, and took a leave to work at Facebook as a scientist. I eventually caught the startup bug, met Narinder through a Yale colleague, and here I am today.