Rising Importance of Hospital Telemedicine and Security

Rising Importance of Hospital Telemedicine and Security

LookDeep has recently published articles on the pivotal role of hospital security in telemedicine systems within the healthcare sector.

At LookDeep, our commitment to security has been fundamental to our mission from day one, and we’ve consistently emphasized its significance through our numerous publications.

With the increasing focus on telemedicine security and related issues, its critical all providers mandate adherence to fundamental security protocols and audits, particularly in the homes of our most critical patients. The COVID-19 pandemic saw accurate predictions about the security challenges posed by hastily assembled telemedicine systems. Today, the spotlight is shifting towards hospital security.

The hope is that necessary action will be taken to address these security concerns before we witness a significant breach via inpatient telemedicine platforms.


Hospital security is complex and challenging, but smart security starts with making the simple things simple. An effective security program not only safeguard hospitals and patients; it also serves as an enabler for innovation. Further, requiring vendors to demonstrate their commitment to security is just as vital as ensuring the credentials of staff caring for patients. 

By contrast, a poor security program creates confusion, stifles all change and misses its core purpose – like a falls prevention program that results in substantively reducing patient mobility

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