LookDeep’s Pursuit of Better Patient Outcomes Through AI and Compassion

Saul Marquez interviewed LookDeep Health CEO Narinder Singh for Outcomes Rocket podcast.

You can find the full transcript here or download and listen to the episode: A Quest for Better Patient Outcomes Through AI and Compassion. 

Narinder Singh shared his inspiring journey and the mission behind LookDeep with Saul Marquez on a recent podcast, including the story behind Singh’s passion for healthcare. His mother’s battle with interstitial lung disease and the challenges she faced during her hospitalization ignited Singh’s quest and ultimately his mission to develop a solution that could provide continuous patient monitoring and support. 

This vision ultimately led to the creation of LookDeep Health, a company focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to improve patient care by monitoring patients in real-time, even when healthcare providers aren’t in the room. The goal is to help caregivers provide the best care possible and prevent issues before they become critical. 

Singh highlighted the company’s approach, which includes a focus on safety, virtual nursing, and virtual medicine in hospitals. The technology nudges virtual caregivers to pay attention to patients who need immediate attention, ensuring timely interventions, reduced falls, and improved patient outcomes. 

Explore the platform and learn more here.  

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