Leveraging AI and Video Beyond Patient Care to Increased Operational Efficacy

Leveraging AI and Video Beyond Patient Care to Increased Operational Efficacy

Healthcare Business Today recently published an article featuring CEO Narinder Singh. The article, AI And Video In Healthcare: Beyond Patient Care To Enhanced Operational Efficacy, can be found here.


Healthcare administrators face the challenge of integrating AI and video technologies into patient care while preserving trust and privacy. These technologies promise operational efficiency but raise concerns about patient data security. 

Four key takeaways from the article:  

Operational Efficiency vs. Privacy: Adopting AI and video technologies promises improved operational efficiency in hospitals, such as reduced waiting times and more accurate diagnoses. However, the challenge is to balance this with patient privacy concerns. Patient data is sensitive, and maintaining trust by safeguarding confidentiality is essential. 

Broader Costs and Benefits: The COVID-19 pandemic showcased the advantages of video technology, including virtual consultations, which improved resource management and reduced in-hospital transmissions. Operational advantages were clear, but adoption and change management were more complex.  

Partnership with Care Providers: To successfully implement these technologies, hospitals must engage nurses and frontline care providers as critical stakeholders. Their input is essential to ensure that technology complements, rather than replaces, patient care. Building partnerships with the care team is crucial for successful adoption. 

Trust and Transparency: Trust is paramount in healthcare. Hospitals need to not only address technical trust through third-party audits but also establish trust with patients. This involves using AI video solutions to facilitate communication between patients and loved ones, sharing relevant AI data with them, and promoting transparency in technology usage. 

The future of healthcare is digital, with AI and video technologies at its core. Hospital administrators must strike a delicate balance between operational efficiency and patient trust, achieved through collaboration, transparency, and a clear understanding of the clinical and operational implications of these technologies.  

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