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Nurses are the lifeblood of the healthcare system, working tirelessly to provide essential care and support to patients during their most vulnerable moments. However, the demands placed on nurses continue to grow, leading to significant challenges such as staff shortages and burnout. We explore how Virtual Nursing, integrated with Computer Vision AI can empower nurses, improve patient care, and revolutionize the financial model of hospitals by reducing turnover, burnout, and the need for costly travel nursing.

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Nurses are the lifeblood of the healthcare system, but they face significant challenges like staff shortages and burnout.

Nurses are leaving the hospital for less stressful environments, and many are leaving the profession altogether. 

At the same time, the acuity of patients is rising; higher numbers of patients per nurse are associated with an increase in medical errors, infections, and bedsores, as well as higher rates of mortality.

In addition, less experienced nurses are facing a more stressful environment, earlier in their careers. They have less time to learn from other nurses to build their own skill sets and critical thinking.

Integrating Computer Vision AI with Virtual Nursing can revolutionize patient care and the financial model of the hospital by reducing turnover, burnout, and reliance on costly travel nursing.

Computer Vision AI, combined with video observation of every patient, allows continuous monitoring of a patient’s movement, activity, and care environment. It can track their progress and detect important changes.

There are three levels of Virtual Nursing that can support bedside teams. Together, they can improve patient care, and help improve hospital finances. 

The first is the support of scenarios like admissions and discharges. This has a clear benefit and is straightforward. The Virtual Nurse can save bedside teams 30 to 60 minutes per patient, and allow more time for each interaction. 

The second level is a Virtual Nurse to act as a mentor to support bedside staff. This help can be as a preceptor, an expert in specific assessments or procedures, or just a more senior colleague who is always available. However, this kind of mentorship and support requires video to be available quickly, easily, and everywhere in the hospital. 

The most advanced level of Virtual Nursing is unlocked through the integration of Computer Vision AI, which constantly monitors patients to identify potential concerns and provides early warning for timely interventions. Virtual Nurses, with the support of this Computer Vision AI, can use AI prompts and information in the EHR to decide where new orders or interventions are required. 

This collaborative approach between the bedside team, Virtual Nurses, and AI technology allows for better decisions and lowers the stress of what happens when the bedside team is occupied with other patients.

By embracing this new frontier, the healthcare industry can empower nurses, transform patient care, and create a more sustainable healthcare system. 

LookDeep’s no-cost hardware and Computer Vision AI are the key to unlocking higher levels of Virtual Nursing to improve the lives of nurses, help patient care, and better manage hospital finances. 

LookDeep can help your hospital develop a full virtual inpatient platform – powered by Computer Vision AI to support scenarios ranging from Virtual Sitting to Virtual Nursing, to eICU-lite care for the whole hospital. 

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