Featured Story in Healthcare IT News:  Leveraging Virtual Nursing to Boost Quality of Care

Following is a summary of an article written by Bill Siwicki and featured in Healthcare IT News. 


As the aging population and patient acuity continue to rise, nurses are burdened with higher patient loads, leading to increased medical errors, infections, bed sores, and even mortality rates. 

To address these gaps, virtual nursing has emerged as a promising solution, but its effectiveness largely hinges on the technology infrastructure in place at healthcare providers. Narinder Singh, the CEO of LookDeep Health, a provider of AI-powered video monitoring tools for patient care, discusses the importance of integrating computer vision AI with virtual nursing technologies. 

Computer vision AI, a branch of artificial intelligence, enables the understanding of images and video. It can identify objects, movements, and actions, which is valuable in healthcare settings where nurses cannot be everywhere at once. By monitoring patients and tracking patterns over time, “watching AI” can assist nurses in providing better care and prevent falls.  

Effective collaboration between virtual nurses and AI technology involves AI nudging a virtual nurse’s attention to specific situations, allowing them to augment data and act within their expertise. This approach safeguards the time of bedside nurses, who can communicate with the virtual nurse, providing a familiar interface. 

From a financial perspective, investments in nursing workflows, which represent a significant portion of hospital costs, are typically not reimbursable. Computer vision AI can improve efficiency by automating tasks, potentially reducing costs, and improving outcomes like reducing falls, pressure injuries, and readmissions. 

Click here to read the full article – Can virtual nursing combined with computer vision AI boost care quality? – featured in Healthcare IT News where Narinder Singh discussed the power of combining AI-driven patient and care observation with virtual nursing, empowering hospitals to revolutionize patient care while establishing a sustainable financial model. 


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