Clinical Action Platform -
intelligent AI Video
for communication
and Patient Monitoring

The LookDeep
Clinical Action Platform


Patient Central

Centralized Monitoring of many patient with AI that nudges attention towards the one that needs it most.  The foundation of a virtual inpatient command center for your hospital or system.

Scenarios: Virtual Sitting, Virtual Nursing, Virtual Medicine


Care Connect

From another floor, building or city – hospital staff can use AI to constantly monitor patients and instantly enter a video visit with the patient and colleagues.

Scenarios: Virtual Rounding, Inpatient Televisits


Family Care Connect

Hospital controlled mobile app that lets family members access their loved ones with no overhead for hospital staff.

Scenarios: Virtual Visits for Families

Security - Certified
SOC2 Type II Audited

LookDeep provides no cost hardware to all for all core inpatient telemedicine scenarios – from virtual sitting, virtual nursing, virtual rounding, family connections and more from the same solution. Combined with the LookDeep Clinical Action Platform it provides the most advanced low cost AI video monitoring solution available in the industry.

Virtual Inpatient Command Center

Virtual Sitting

Use AI to Aid e-Sitters to Better Monitor Patients

Virtual Nursing

Virtual Nurse guardian angel for bedside teams

Virtual Rounding

AI prompts for doctors and instant patient access at every moment

Early Warning

Virtual inpatient population health - AI to nudge attention toward patients most in need

eICU Light

eICU concept applied to step down units and beyond

Family Connect

Give families easy access w/o burdening nursing