Michael Choma, MD/PhD

Michael Choma, MD/PhD VP Clinical, Co-Founder I’m a physician-engineer and the VP for Clinical Solutions at LookDeep Health, where my focus is on partnerships, pilots, and aligning computer vision technologies with specific clinical use-cases. My first scientific love was physiology. That led me to study biomedical engineering and get a medical degree. My second scientific […]

James Eitzmann

James Eitzmann Principal Engineer Having worked with Narinder, Mike O’Brien, and Bill while at Appirio, I was very excited to hear that they had joined up again. As I learned more about the opportunity to improve lives with cutting edge technology, I jumped at the offer to join. I bring my passion for software engineering […]

Paolo Gabriel, PhD

Paolo Gabriel, PhD Senior Computer Vision Engineer My PhD research of neural correlates to naturalistic human behaviors was actually a study in practical signal processing of noisy time-series data. These data were noisy because a) recording in hospital environments offer many challenges; b) biological signals are noisy; and c) natural behaviors vary from day to […]

Jan Marti

Jan Marti Director of Nursing I was introduced to Narinder by a former colleague and was immediately impressed with his passion and focus on improving the quality of life for patients in the hospital.I am a critical care nurse and have spent many years in Medical Sales with Philips Healthcare selling and managing teams within […]

Bill Mers

Bill Mers VP Software Engr I’ve previously worked with Narinder and jumped at the opportunity to work with him again. The ambition and technical challenge are super interesting, and it’s a breath of fresh to be working on a project that can help make the world a better place. When I interviewed with the team […]

Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien COO I have been a business partner, colleague and close friend of Narinder for about 20 years. When I heard about his new venture starting LookDeep Inc, I was naturally intrigued. My interest went beyond the cutting edge technology and potential to change an industry, but I was also very drawn to the […]

Peter Rehani

Peter Rehani Data Engineer I was introduced to Mike Choma and Narinder through a mutual colleague while exploring opportunities in translational tech. The combination of LookDeep’s noble mission and the incredible talent of everybody on the team made the decision to join a breeze.I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a BS in […]

Narinder Singh

Narinder Singh CEO, Co-Founder I’m a technologist who has oscillated between trying to run towards and away from that identity since I first became enamored with a computer. I believe technology can change the world for the better and am passionate about applying that energy to improving healthcare. I love to laugh and learn, feel […]

Tyler Troy, PhD

Tyler Troy, PhD Sr. AI Engr, Co-Founder In 2019, I met Tom and Narinder and jumped on the opportunity to join them in their vision to shuttle healthcare into the 21st Century. Today, I am thrilled to apply my nous and perseverance for problem solving to this worthiest of pursuits of improving patient care and […]