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LookDeep - Fall Prevention Strategies For Hospitals

Computer Vision Helps Watch Patients

A watched patient is a safe patient. While traditional virtual sitting models focus on a few patients (with expensive hardware endpoints), the reality is that all patients in the hospital are at risk for falling. LookDeep has zero-cost hardware endpoints that enable every room in the hospital to be set up for virtual sitting, so a patient can be monitored for falls with the flip of a switch (no need to roll carts around the unit). LookDeep also has the AI technology to nudge attention to dramatically increase the number of patients monitored by virtual sitters. 


No Cost Hardware

SOC2 audited

AI To Nudge Attention

Traditionally sitters provided 1:1 coverage to help ensure patients avoided unsafe actions such as getting out of bed without assistance.  Early virtual sitting providers extended this to more patients through security camera like systems. The primary impact was the reduction in labor costs associated with this change in ratio.  

Yet, the cost of hardware and the limits on how many people a person could watch.  While vendors touted their ability to prevent falls, they left out that it was cost prohibitive to use the solution for everyone but the most at risk patients.  So their impact on the overall fall rate of a hospital was minimal – they really only offered a cost benefit over in person sitters.

LookDeep is changing this paradigm. Low cost hardware enables solutions to be applied to 2-3x the number of patients at the same cost.  In addition, AI capabilities that assist the virtual sitter in watching the patient enable broader coverage more cost effectively. 

By reducing the price point of monitoring a patient LookDeep allows hospitals to expand from a niche solution into a systemic approach to fall reduction

Key questions

How Can I Evaluate Your Solution?

LookDeep is the only vendor that will provide you access to our solution within the course of your evaluation. Go through a 15 minute introductory session and receive access to a virtual hospital that allows you to experience the solution.

Why is SOC2 Important for Security?

Many legacy virtual sitting solutions run on older hardware and software – sometimes as much as a decade old. This creates significant security risk for not just virtual sitting, but your entire hospital. SOC2 certification is third part certification that gives you assurance on the policies and protection of your system.

How AI Improve Coverage Ratios ?

Patients are at constantly evolving levels of fall risk. Are they alone, are they moving, are they trying to get out of bed? By watching for these signs, the AI directs the virtual sitter’s attention towards higher risk patients right now.