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AI Assisted Guardian Angel For Nurses

Virtual Nursing is a model of care that partners bedside staff with an experienced Virtual RN who works from a Centralized Hub or Individual Site that helps guide and support care for assigned patients.

Cover Every Bed​

AI Assistant for Every Patient

Mentorship and Support

Virtual nursing is a natural way to help with admissions and discharges so floor nurses can focus on active issues in their acute patients. Yet it only scratches the surface of how virtual nursing can support bedside teams. Virtual nurses can provide guidance and support to nurses in real-time, helping them to quickly become comfortable and confident in their new roles or with a new task. This demands not waiting for a virtual nursing cart to become available, but an instant, on-demand, always on capability. No cost hardware enables this kind of ubiquity.

AI That Watches When You Can’t

Even the best nurses can only be in one place at a time.  Their compassion and experience can’t apply to two places at once.  AI and a Virtual Nurse helps ensure that patients are supervised and cared for when their nurse is with another patient.  Patterns of change can be identfied by the AI and investigated by a virtual nurse.  Does a patient who has been sluggish and in bed all day need special attention from PT or should they be placed into a pressure injury prevention bundle. AI provides the nudging, virtual nurses provide the validation and glue to the bedside team