While patient acuity is rising, medical staffing is not. This limits clinical attention for patients, increases provider burnout. Continuous monitoring that increases attention and information about patients without placing additional burden on staff can aid in alleviating stress by reducing the fear of not being there for patients.


Delirium is a broadly present issue that waxes and wanes — current intermittent monitoring can miss these cycles. With AI continuously monitoring movement patterns, day and night inversion, and other changes in patient actions can help provide clinicians with additional data points when assessing delirium.

Patient Mobility

While preventing falls is critical in the hospital, increasing patient mobility is critical to a strong recovery. LookDeep AI tracks where the patient is and how they are moving – even if they are in bed. This creates a never before available data stream of patient movement that can be correlated with clinical interventions and patient progression.

Acute Care at Home

“Hospital at Home” models provide opportunities for shifting care and cost burdens. However, to increase the number of patients that match this care model requires adding in seamless video visits and continuous monitoring for overnight periods. LookDeep’s telemedicine and computer vision AI monitoring can dramatically increase the potential patient pool for hospital at home programs.

Virtual Medicine

Virtual medicine extends the concepts of e-ICU and Early Warning to all patients in the hospital. Zero cost hardware enables broad coverage to support virtual rounding and consults to allow doctors to easily check in on patients from anywhere; AI observes patient movement and location patterns to help track changes related to rest, changes in care, and clinical condition.

Virtual Nursing

Virtual nursing helps reduce load on overburdened bedside teams. Yet most solutions focus only on admissions and discharges. With zero cost hardware and AI that can observe patient actions, virtual nursing teams can help with more scenarios and be more efficient with AI that nudges them towards patients who most likely need attention.

Virtual Sitting & Safety

A watched patient is a safer patient. Traditional virtual sitting models have expensive hardware that limit their usage. Yet most patients in the hospital are at risk for falling. LookDeep has zero-cost hardware endpoints that enable every room in the hospital to be set up for virtual sitting and AI that nudges attention towards the patients that need it.